HDR Hypertherm 260XD

Plasma Cutting

RMI Engineering's HyPerformance® HPR260XD plasma system with True Hole technology has been designed and built for maximum performance and productivity in x-y and robotic cutting operations.

Our versatile 260-amp rated system combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability, and gives you unmatched cut quality from very thin up to heavier thicknesses.

Whether your job is large or small, industrial or ornamental, RMI Engineering will meet your heavy-duty metal profiling needs.

True Hole technology
Hypertherm's True Hole cutting technology for mild steel is a specific combination of cutting parameters that is optimized for each material thickness and hole size automatically.
True Hole technology virtually eliminates taper and minimizes and biases the ding to the outside of the hole.
True Hole technology produces up to a 50% improvement in mild steel hole cylindricity when compared to other plasma systems available on the market.

  • Superior cut quality and consistency

  • Maximized productivity

  • Unmatched reliability - Hypertherm combines four decades of experience and world-class design, manufacturing and testing processes to build in reliability that you can trust.

Operating Data
Mild steel cut capacity
  - Dross free   32 mm (1-1/4")
  - Production pierce   38 mm (1-1/2")
  - Maximum cutting capacity  64 mm (2-1/2")
Stainless steel cut capacity
  - Production pierce   32 mm (1-1/4")
  - Maximum cutting capacity   50 mm (2")
Aluminum cut capacity
  - Production pierce   25 mm (1")
  - Maximum cutting capacity   50 mm (2")


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